Conservation of the land within the Lake Wicwas watershed has been a priority since the 1930’s when Harris family protected a large tract of land from being developed into 140 lakefront houses with 50’ of frontage each.  Imagine how that would have changed the character of the lake!  This was followed up with the protection of two islands and a shoreline property of prime loon-nesting habitat by Rawson Wood, the founder of the Loon Preservation Committee.

Since then generous land owners have donated conservation lands around the lake, including the Kahn and Smyth family, the Marion family, the Cohen-Emmons family, and the Smith family.  The largest conserved properties are the Hamlin and Eames forests which were purchased by the town of Meredith, and the Chemung State Forest.  As a result of these efforts, a large portion of the southern Wicwas watershed has been protected in perpetuity.

The focus of the Lake Wicwas Association Conservation Committee for the 2020’s is to protect land north of the lake which provides the largest input of water to Lake Wicwas via Dolloff Brook.  This water is currently filtered by the extensive Dolloff Wetland complex but is at risk of being greatly degraded by future development.  If you are interested in joining our conservation efforts, either by volunteering or by conserving land you own, please contact the Lake Wicwas Association Conservation Committee chair, Tom Crane.

The image below indicates the Lake Wicwas watershed and locally conserved land.