Don’t pee in my pond – an ode

It’s only a pond,
for heaven sake.
It’s had all the punishment
that a pond can take.

It’s bottom is mud
not concrete or tile.
What you put in it
stays for a while.

Fast boats stir it up
people throw things in.
The pond grows old
and no one wins.

With filters and chlorine
it’s not like a pool.
It’s home for many things
that really are cool.

We do what we can.
We clean and rake,
but nothing we do
removes nitrogen or phosphate.

These nutrients come from things
familiar to you and me.
Soaps, shampoo, fertilizers
and, of course, pee.

More nutrients, more weeds,
is a good rule of thumb.
Plus algae that will form
a layer of pond scum.

If it didn’t come from the pond
please keep it out.
That is what good ecology
is all about.

M. Thorpe