Lake Wicwas Association

Welcome to the Lake Wicwas Association website.

Our Association is the only organization whose sole purpose is to maintain and promote what’s best for the health and preservation of Lake Wicwas.

Our members are involved in many activities, including:

  • Annually test the lake’s water quality

  • Watch for invasive plant species and contaminates that might harm the lake and its watershed

  • Assist with an annual census of the loon population

  • Administer a summer Lake Host Program

  • Engage interesting speakers at our Annual meeting

  • Convey news and information about the lake through regular postings online through this website

  • Alert members by email on a regular basis about upcoming events and issues of interest

  • Place brochures and notices at the lake’s public boat launch

  • Explore opportunities for grants and funding sources for conservation programs

The Association also seeks to encourage a sense of community and friendship around the lake by sponsoring social events each summer. Our hope is to have all who enjoy the lake participate.

Perhaps our most important activity is administering a summer Lake Host Program in partnership with NH Lakes. Since 2009 we have deployed both paid and volunteer “hosts” who inspect boats and other vessels entering and leaving the lake for harmful plants, such as Milfoil and Hydrilla, beginning on Memorial Day and ending either on Labor Day, or Columbus Day, depending on resources.

At this time, Wicwas is one of the only lakes in the area whose waters are not infested with milfoil, or other non-native, invasive plant life.

In short, our goal is to protect Lake Wicwas and its watershed as a place that residents and visitors can enjoy, while also promoting conservation programs and practices that will maintain a healthy lake and natural areas for both people and wildlife for generations to come. I hope you will join us!

Scott Powell
President, Lake Wicwas Association


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