Lake Host Program

Our lake is free of exotic aquatic plants.  Please help us keep it that way, by volunteering some time for the Lake Host™ Program.  Prevention is far less expensive than treatment, and there is no cure once invasive exotic aquatic plants are entrenched.  Please contact us at if you are interested in volunteering.

The Lake Host™ Program is a courtesy boat inspection program implemented by NH LAKES in cooperation with local participating groups to prevent the introduction and spread of exotic aquatic plants, like variable milfoil, from lake to lake.  The 2009 boating season was the first year that Lake Wicwas participated in the New Hampshire Lakes Association’s Exotic Aquatic Plant Species Education and Prevention Program.


To prevent the introduction of exotic aquatic plants in our lake.


Educate boaters and anglers who use the lake about exotic plants, collect data, conduct boat and trailer inspections, train boaters to inspect their boats and trailers, remove and dispose of all plant material and send samples of suspicious plants to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES).

Please volunteer:

Participants who serve as Hosts at the Lake Wicwas boat ramp get training (both state and local), a T-shirt, a Lake Host Bag with all the program materials; clip board, Boater Survey forms, Plant Specimen Bags, Clean Boat Decals, and a number of brochures/leaflets containing program information and pictures of the exotic plants.


A “people-person” – comfortable interacting with strangers; friendly; sense of humor, flexible (able to deal with “down time” at the ramp site); cooperative; task-oriented; self-motivated; lake-lover; knowledgeable about the issue of exotic milfoil preferred but not required, since training is provided.  Minimum age: 18 – but exceptional 16 and 17 year olds will be considered.


Please contact Paul Trombi at if you have questions or are interested in volunteering some time to help with the Lake Host™ Program at Lake Wicwas. Note that there are some possibilities for part-time, paid Hosts for Lake Wicwas, which might be a good match for students on weekends or in the summer.

For more information:

Watch this NHLakes video on invasive species.

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Click here for pictures on how to identify invasive weeds.